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Red cent

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There are two possible origins for the phrase red cent, the first simply referring to the reddish hue of the copper used to mint the coin. The second possible meaning comes from the derogatory reference to Native Americans as Red Men, thus referring to the long-ago minted Indianhead penny. In time, people worked this term into the phrase not one red cent, meaning that they would not pay even a single penny. "I wouldn t pay one red cent for that."

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My grandmother, who lived through the Great Depression, had a button box I would look through as a child. Once I found a little red circle with a white number 1 and a cent symbol on it. She told me it was a form of money used durring the depression to purchase food. She didn't claim it was a reason behind the phrase "one red cent," and I never researched it, but it seems plausible enough to comment.

This is a stupid lie invented by an idiot and passed off as truth.

hey Bill take a chill pill

Hey Bill,
Since you feel you are the smartest person ever, a know it all. I guess you can read a persons mind through their writing in this article. I'm sure the person writing the article would appreciate your extreme intelligence in knowing the truth, since he is a stupid liar. Oh, you are always truthful, giving you the ability to judge another, right? Wow, you are a real piece of work. I'm sure anyone running across your comment would know exactly who is an idiot and a liar. Okay, mister know-it-all, everyone is waiting for the truth concerning...My Grandmother who... we are waiting for the truth. Well, since you don't want to be an idiot and a liar, how about researching some one else has to say, so you can be the all mighty know-it-all you think you are. To put it bluntly...JUST SHUT UP. Have a wonderful day, mister know it all!!! Come to think of really aren't worth a red cent either.

you get em haha that was awesome way to tear him a new butthole..he is an idiot and why would he even say that she is lying like what does it matter to him and it makes sense to that she would think that why would she even take the time to make up some story on a blog

two second search and i found this .Chelrenee was telling the truth many types of token were produced for wartime and times of hardship ;like the great depression .different towns cities companies issued their own .

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